Crocheted Gifts and Accessories
Making Smiles one Stitch at a Time

Hi!!  I’m so happy you are here. Welcome to my snug little corner of the internet filled with handmade crocheted items, overflowing with warmth and charm. Take a break and discover some joy. Come on in and find those special, smile-inducing gifts!!

At Sara’s Strings and Things, I specialize in crafting unique and high-quality pieces that bring smiles to faces. From adorable plushies and stylish accessories to charming decor like plants and pillows, there’s something for everyone to cherish. With every project, I strive to capture the essence of simplicity, nostalgia, and comfort.

Finding that perfect, heartfelt gift for your loved ones or even yourself can be quite the challenge in today’s world of mass-produced, one-size-fits-all items. My mission is to offer you a selection of handcrafted products that bring joy, warmth, and a sense of connection to both givers and receivers, enhancing the gift-giving experience